How to apply Vinyl onto Wood with your Cricut

Creating cutting board décor is such a fun craft! First it looks so natural and fits right in when it’s in your kitchen, and secondly you can apply a design on either side to match your current vibe!

(I don’t use this board for food or cutting things on – just decoration.)

Depending on the type of board you get, you may or may not need to seal it first. Sealing is a MUST - otherwise your vinyl won’t stick and just stay on your transfer tape. If your board has a rough finish to it and doesn’t look a bit shiny and perfectly smooth, then you should seal it.

I used the coating linked below but you can use any type of sealer. I liked this coating because it dried FAST; after I applied a thin layer I added my vinyl 2 hours later. Once sealed you can apply your vinyl like normal. The pearl vinyl is a bit tricky to use (it’s thick and a bit stiffer) so keep that in mind when you’re picking a vinyl. I didn’t have trouble with the “October” as it was a thicker and bigger piece, but the smaller letters took a bit of time.

You could really put a lot of cute phrases on a board like this for your kitchen!


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  • Can you share what coating used for the wood? I can’t seem to find the link. Thanks!


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