The best way to clean Acrylic

If you work with acrylic, glass or plexiglass then you know how finicky it can be when it comes to attracting lint and finger prints. This is obviously not ideal when it’s meant to look crystal clear! The cloth I use is linked below and it’s something I used for years. I first discovered it when you could only buy it at Hallmark stores (that’s how long ago I bought mine!) but I recently found it online and wanted to share it with y’all!

I have the 4 pack because I also use them on my indoor glass, appliances, glasses, sunglasses and mirrors. What’s so great about these is that you don’t need any cleaning products with them…so you wet it, squeeze it and then clean! Somehow it works amazing and is streak free!

When I clean my craft pieces I use it dry; don’t use a microfiber cloth because it’ll scratch the acrylic or plexiglass. I tried a tissue once too but lint clung like crazy to my piece…so learn from my mistakes 😉

4 pack 

2 pack 

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