How to cut thin and small things with your Cricut!

Cutting delicate, tiny and/or teeny things with your machine can be the most frustrating thing. Especially when it seems to have cut well but then you go to weed it and, well you have to start all over again. I feel ya, trust me! Here are some ways to make sure your small cuts work.

Important point: Consider the size of your cut when finding your font. For example if you need something to be 2 inches by 1 inch you want to find a font that is delicate, but not so delicate that some of the lines may disappear when you shrink it to size.


I can't preach enough how much good blades make a difference, (best ones are linked below here) as well as good blade care. Make sure you are using good blades and your mat should be relatively sticky. Don't use a dull mat and tape down your vinyl as the vinyl needs to be consistently flat while cutting.

I use Vinyl, Vinyl + or Washi Tape (0.006) settings depending on the cut thickness and how sharp my blade is. Washi Tape I generally run through my cut 2x; the perk of using the Washi Tape setting is that it cuts at a slower pace this is ideal for delicate cuts.

When I use Washi Tape I cut it once (which is the default setting) and then check the cut without unloading my mat. If it hasn't cut through then I press the "C" button again for the second cut.


You should be able to use any vinyl and have a successful cut, but I have found that this vinyl weeds like a dream so I highly recommend it for thin and small letters. I bought it by complete accident and only used it because I ran out of my usual kind - but now it's a must have for me. Crafting fate!



There are 2 ways to weed these types of cuts:

  • Mat Weeding: Keep your vinyl on the mat when you weed it. This gives the cut some resistance while you're weeding which helps keep the rest of your cut in place.

  • Reverse Weeding: This is when you weed a cut but leave all the small bits behind, apply transfer tape to pick everything up and then weed the small bits from the transfer tape. The idea is similar to weeding on your gives some resistance when you pick those small parts up and you don't have to worry about your main image coming along too (unless it hasn't cut through).


    Y 'all know tweezers are my favorite and they make all the difference when weeding small things. The regular weeding tool is great but with tweezers you can pick the small pieces up and they don't slide around and potentially stick to other parts of your image.

    Hope these tips help y'all out!


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