How to get Etsy Reviews

Once you open your Etsy shop and start selling the second-best part is getting those awesome reviews…but what do you do when they don’t come?

I’m here to tell you not to stress! I’ve noticed about 30% of my buyers will leave a review afterwards. These reviews are sincere and that’s what matters when others come to your shop to buy. My reviews jumped once I started making a point of asking for them directly using these stickers!

If you want to encourage reviews here are some ideas you can try:

  • Send a discount code to your buyers so if they leave a review they can get a % off their next order
  • Follow up and message past buyers to ask if they can leave you a review
    • You could also offer a discount code here too!
  • Put a review request in your shipping notification notes
  • Write a handwritten note asking for a review and send it with their item
  • Include a sticker or piece of promo material asking for a review

Reviews take time and often people just forget, try not to take it personally. I can’t tell you how many times people have reached out to me once they get their item and are SO happy, sending me the sweetest messages, but never get around to leaving a review. And that’s okay because I know they are happy with their item and that’s what’s important.

At the end of the day just remember if you aren’t getting reviews it doesn’t mean people are unhappy – so don’t let it discourage you! But if you want more try the tips I shared above. It doesn't have to be fancy, like a sticker, so work with whatever you have with where you are at. 




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  • Do you automate your emails to customers through Etsy? If so, how are you automating?


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