Sublimation Tea Towels

Find everything you need here to make laser toner transfer tea towels! I love how these towels turned out and the toner is so vibrant!

Step 1: Gather all your materials and print your design on the A Sheet using a Laser Printer and you'll need to print your design on the matte side. I used Design Space however you can print off from any software. Before printing your MUST mirror your design.

Step 2: Heat your heat press to 320F and take your printed A sheet and attach it to the B sheet and press for 2 minutes. Place the A sheet face down on the heat press with parchment paper on top.

Step 3: Peel the B sheet off the A sheet immediately following the 2 minute press. You should have a clean transfer and your A sheet will now be an adhesive as the B sheet has transferred!

Step 4: Place your material in the heat press and place the A sheet on top, place the parchment paper on top again. Press at 320F for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Cool the material completely before removing the A sheet. The A sheet should be clean of any toner. 

Step 6: Place the material on the heat press with the parchment paper and press at 320F for 15 seconds to make it matte and seal the toner into the material.

Remove, let cool and enjoy your permanent transferred toner!

Everything I used:

I used a heat press from my local library - the one linked is one my friend has and swears by however just a disclaimer that I do not personally own it! This transfer will not work without a heat press as it requires the pressure as well as the heat to work. 

Also a reminder that the above Amazon links may, or may not, provide me with a small commission if you chose to purchase through them.


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