Clothing Wholesalers for Crafters!

I've ordered clothing from a few different wholesalers and I want to share them here along with some pro's and con's. Buying wholesale is amazing as a small business, or even if you make things for fun and want to buy multiple items, it's always better when you can get a good deal!

Overall I don't think you can go wrong with any of these three. I do recommend finding the style you like before buying wholesale. It's worth it to be sure on the style and fit because so many sweaters and shirts are unisex and not fitted. 

Wholesaler: Blank Clothing 

They are a Canadian company | Carry a lot of brands | Also carry more than just clothes, like hats and bags etc. | Accept returns | Free Shipping over $200 | Fast and quick customer service

If you want even more of a discount you have to buy the same size, of the same style, of the same color for it to apply | Shipping was the longest out of these three | They don't ship outside of Canada | Sometimes stock levels can vary

Wholesaler: T Shirt Ideal

They are a Canadian company | Carry the most brands out of these three | Shipping is FAST! They have warehouses across Canada and dispatch fast | Also carry an insane amount of blank options | Accept returns | Has consistent stock available 

Free shipping is after $495 | They don't ship outside of Canada

Wholesaler: Jiffy Shirts

Cheapest rates out of the three | Carry a lot of brands | Items restock quickly |  Dispatch items fast but shipping can take a few days | Accept returns | Free shipping after $59 | Very helpful customer service

Items sell out fast so you have to watch and order multiple times if you want to get your size and colors

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  • Hi! I use Jiffy but dont get shipping after $59, its after $200 for me…is there a way I could get it from $59?

    Pardeep Bal

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